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• Legal: contracts, court decisions, legislation, lawsuits, proceedings, powers of attorney, etc.

Academic: diplomas, course certificates, dissertations, student transcripts, etc.

• Financial: balance sheets, banking and financial documents, tax returns, invoices, business plans and reports, etc.


• Technical: user manuals, operating manuals, technical specifications and drawings, etc.

• Medical: exams, medical certificates, scientific research articles, medical reports, tests, product characteristics and patient information leaflets for various medications and treatments, etc.

Business: official correspondence, presentations, brochures, websites, corporate policies

Marketing: brochures, flyers, posters, banners, advertisements, market surveys, marketing strategy plans, etc.


Tourism: tourist brochures, guidebooks, city marketing, etc.


• Certificates: course certificates, university diplomas, birth certificates, drivers’ licenses, etc.



We translate in a wide range of subject areas, including:


• Aerospace

• Shipping

• Armed Forces

• Defence & Security

• Foreign Policy

• Architecture / Engineering

• IT / Telecommunications

• Journalism / Press

• Advertising

• International Development


The target file is always delivered within the agreed time frame!

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