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We are certified by the Greek government to issue official / certified translations, which are accepted by all Greek authorities.


We provide official translations equivalent to those of the Translation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for use in Greece and abroad.

Official and certified translations are delivered directly for any lawful use by private or public authorities in Greece and abroad. Certified translations are often needed for international visas, immigration applications, studies abroad and other cross-border purposes.


Our company includes official translators who graduated from the Ionian University. These highly trained professionals are authorized to provide certified translations which will be recognized by any public or private authority, in Greece as well as abroad*.


*{Pursuant to the Presidential Decree 169 of 17.06.2002 (Greece Government Gazette 156/2.7.02), translators who are graduates of the Ionian University are authorized to provide certified translations for public and private authorities.}

Social Consciousness: We understand the importance of diversity in our day and age. We are committed to promoting equal opportunity and access to essential services for all. The elimination of any language barrier is vital to achieve this vision.


Top-notch quality at competitive prices


Rates charged are scaled depending on the volume of the project. The services we offer are tailored to your requirements and your budget. We offer special rates for initial or regular cooperation. Please also ask us about our special offers for full-time students, the unemployed, and retirees/pensioners.


We evaluate each project and adjust quality control to actual needs, so the deliverable material is fit for purpose, yet priced competitively.

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